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“The natural environment sustains the life of all beings universally. – Dalai Lama”

RINJANI: Is a genuine and very spectacular international destination with natural treats such as: lake in the middle of the mountain and in the wall by the cliffs towering with mount Merapi in the middle of the lake, sunrise, sunset, grassland , jungle, and the pristine islands that will pamper your eyes.

ECO: We picked up and carried the trash instead of leaving the garbage.

GREEN: Helping our nature by reforesting and planting tree seedlings we carry from the company that you will plant with your own hands in the mountain area of ​​Rinjani as well as your memories

Rinjani Eco Green is a well established company providing trekking/hiking tours to the majestic Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island with priority number one for safety climbing and preserving the natural environment to sustain future life. Based in Senaru we can give you a mountain experience to remember. Rinjani Eco Green can manage your climbing trek from start to finish – please don’t hesitate to contact Yusuf, the manager and trek co-ordinator for more information.

Mt Rinjani is one of the largest mountains in Indonesia. On a clear day you can see breathtaking views from the summit. There is a crater lake, Segara Anak and a natural hot spring there.

The trek usually takes about three days. At 3,726 m, Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, second only to Mount Kerinci on Sumatra, and it dominates the landscape of the relatively small island of Lombok. Within its huge 50 km² caldera sits the crater lake Segara Anak (Child of the Sea). Eruptions within the caldera have formed a new small cone called appropriately enough, Gunung Baru (New Mountain). The mountain and its satellites form the Mount Rinjani National Park (Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani) – officially 41,000 hectares within the park boundaries and a further 66,000 hectares of protected

Rinjani Trekking Routes


There are two main points of entry to Rinjani National Park.
Trekking Rinjani through the Sembalun village on 1150m an altitude is a choice for you who choose to climb to the top of Rinjani before to the lake of Segara Anak, hot spring water, and up to the crater rim Senaru then down to the Senaru village 601m above sea level.

Trekking through the Senaru village if you choose to crater rim Senaru or Segara Anak lake without climb to summit Rinjani and possible for 4 days 3 nights program or more start Senaru and finish at Sembalun village.

Sembalun trek

Trekking Rinjani Packages Start Sembalun

Journeying Rinjani via Sembalun route to climb Mt. Rinjani start on 1.150 m. above ocean level to cavity Rim Sembalun 2.639 m, highest point 3.726 m (2 days 1 night culmination just for experienced climber or who with great degree of wellness), down to the lake 2.000 m, up to rim Senaru 2.641 m then, last day down to Senaru town 601 m

2D-1N Summit Rinjani

2 days summit

Climbing Summit Rinjani start Sembalun 2 days 1 night to crater rim Sembalun on 2.639m and camp night here, early morning next day climb to Summit 3.726m and return to crater rim and Sembalun.

3D-2N Summit - Lake

3 days summit lake

Climbing Rinjani Summit and lake 3 days 2 nights start on 1.156 m at Sembalun to crater rim Sembalun, summit Rinjani, lake, swim in hot spring water, camping at crater rim senaru and down to Senaru.

4D-3N Summit - Lake

4days summit lake

Mount Rinjani Trekking Summit and lake 4 days 3 nights start Sembalun to crater rim Sembalun, summit 3.726m, lake, swim in hot spring water, camping at crater rim Senaru and descent down the trek to Senaru.

Rinjani Trekking Packages Start Senaru

The most wonderfull trip to Rim Senaru for 2 days 1 night visit and the provoking excursion to Summit Rinjani 3726m beginning from Senaru 601m above sea level, towards Plawangan at 2,641m asl, then, at that point, on the subsequent day, will include a journey down to the lake which is 2,000m asl and afterward climb up to Plawangan Sembalun 2,639m. The following day, adventurers will move to the top and down to Sembalun.

2D-1N Rim Senaru

2D-1n Rim Senaru

Hiking Rinjani to Crater rim Senaru 2 days 1 night program start on 601m above sea level at Senaru village to crater rim Senaru 601m camp the night and next day return trek to Senaru village.

3D-2N Lake-Hot Spring

3 days lake

Hiking mount Rinjani to Segara Anak lake 3 days 2 nights starting at Senaru village on 601m an altitude to the crater rim Senaru, Segara Anak lake, hot spring and return to Senaru village.

4D-3N Lake - Summit

4 days lake summit

Hiking Mt Rinjani to Lake and summit 4 days 3 nights via Senaru village on 601m, to crater rim Senaru, lake, hot spring, crater rim Sembalun, summit and trek down to Sembalun village.

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Want more day to explore Rinjani mountain?

5D summit lake

Suitable for beginner climber

5D-4N Trekking Rinjani Summit and Lake
“Start Sembalun and ending at Senaru village”

Trekking Rinjani 5 days 4 nights to summit of Mount Rinjani, lake Segara Anak, hot spring, crater rim Senaru and down to Senaru village. This program suitable for beginner hiker or for people want to enjoy with all attraction on Mount Rinjani National park.


Suitable for begginer hiker

5D-4N Hiking Rinjani to the Lake and Summit
“Start at Senaru village and ending at Sembalun”

Hiking Rinjani package 5 days start at Senaru village to Senaru crater rim and overnight, at second day walk down to Segara Anak lake and overnight here for 2 nights, then hike up to Sembalun crater rim and overnight here and the last day climb up to summit of mount Rinjani then down to Sembalun village. This program suitable for beginner hiker.


5D lake summit

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